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Warranty Bond

The Warranty Bond is a document that helps you protect the investment that you’re making in your house or company space. The investment can be of any nature – you could be remodeling the space, or improving it. The bond protects you from the risk of defective construction. An added benefit of the bond is that your money will be reimbursed if your contractor can’t perform his work or goes out of construction.

The Warranty Bond is basically a contract made between the owner of the construction space, the contractor, and a surety company. It ensures that if any of the original construction suffers any defects, the contractor will have to repair them for free within the warranty period.

Our Warranty Bond template is ready-to-use, customizable, and available for download in numerous formats. You can download it, fill in your details, and print it for use.

Please note that the legal text of this document is up-to-date and revised by a legal attorney.

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