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Voter Agreement

A Voter Agreement is drafted to vote in favor of a single course of action mutually recognized fruitful by a number of voters in a company. If you wish to draft a common vote in order to increase the weight of the collective vote, this agreement helps formalize the necessary terms.

The document is used in board meetings in order to help people with the same mind on a subject vote in favor of it. With the help of the agreement, you can be sure that the voters who promised to vote together would retain their promise.

You can easily draft this document using our official template. The template contains the legal structure and attorney-verified set of statements that hold proper relevance to the laws of the state.

Simply download the template and edit it to insert your specifics. It’s a quick and convenient process that will help you create a lawfully binding document without requiring much legal expertise. You can review the terms and add your own anytime for state specifications, special purposes etc.

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