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Terms of Use Agreement

Terms of Use Agreement or simply Terms of Use, is a set of statements that the user must abide by, to be able to use the product or service offered by a company. The statements are usually published on the company website and describe the parameters by which the company intends its offerings to be used.

The document is usually published as a hyperlink in the footer of the website, or in a click-prompt box. It is also known by common names such as Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer (sometimes this is declared separately), Terms of Service and more.

The document helps companies protect the integrity of their offerings by declaring the rules to the user. You can create a TOUA for your website easily by downloading our ready-to-use document template.

The legal formalities and all the important statements have been incorporated in the template. Simply insert your company specifics such as Company Name, Website and, separate use terms (if any) to draft alawfully authentic document.

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