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Smoking Lease Addendum

The Smoking Lease Addendum is a legal document added to the original lease agreement that states the rules and concerns over smoking on the leased premises. The document is necessary if there are no terms regarding smoking in the original agreement and after inclusion, holds the tenants responsible under law to abide by it.

Sometimes, the tenants need special permission for smoking from the landlord or alternatively, the landlord wants to legally bar such practicefrom their property, and so this document is signed. It describes basic elements such as Premises, Liability, Security Deposit and more.

In order to draft the addendum, you can download our document template that contains the legal textual structure for statements of the addendum and provisions for adding your specifics to the document.

The easy customizability and attorney-verified accuracy of the template will help you file a lawfully strong document. This way you won’t have to deal with the lengthy preparation time and factual doubts regarding the document appropriateness.

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