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Royalty Agreement

The Royalty Agreement is a document signed by two parties –an individual/business that owns the rights to an intellectual property (IP) and an individual or business that wants to use the IP for a certain amount of time. The Royalty Agreement helps to lay down a certain set of rules and obligations for both the parties. The owner of the IP receives a royalty payment in exchange for allowing the other party to use the IP for a limited amount of time.

We offer a legal template for the Royalty Agreement on our website. It iscrafted with absolute care by our experts. Our template includes and declares the basic elements essential to the document. It is available for download in multiple formats.

The template is directly ready for use. However, it is also fully customizable – you can add, remove, and alter the text to suit your requirements. Please know that the text of this document has been examined, revised, and verified by a licensed attorney.

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