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Rent-to-Own Agreement

The Rent-to-Own Agreement is a legally binding document that is signed by the owner of a real property and a person who is interested in leasing the property. The document contains all the agreements made between the two parties while also keeping a provision for legally buying the property for the tenant by the end of the lease.

The document is highly specific to state and outlines some important considerations such as Option to Purchase and Earnest Money Deposit. The agreement’s general terms describe what all things are allowed while the prospective buyer stays as the tenant at the property.

You can download the document template for this agreement which contains the legal textual structure for statements of the agreement and provisions for adding your specifics to the document.

The easy customizability and attorney-verified accuracy of the template will help you file a lawfully strong document. This way you won’t have to deal with the lengthy preparation time and factual doubts regarding the document appropriateness.

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