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Real Estate Easement Agreement

The Real Estate Easement Agreement is a legally binding contract between two parties which allows a land-owner to grant temporary or long-term access to their land to another party without giving up the ownership.

The agreement forms the basis in which all the details and limitations are defined clearly, and are agreed to, by both the parties. The Real Estate Easement Agreement is more commonly referred to as the Easement Agreement.

To make your lives easier, and to help you say goodbye to your legal worries, we offer an easy-to-use template for the Real Estate Easement Agreement. The template outlines important specifications for the agreement and also declares the required basic elements.

The template for the agreement is available for download in a variety of formats. Once downloaded, you can modify the text within, along with filling in your details. Please know that the agreement template has been subjected to examination and revision by a legal attorney.

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