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Prenuptial Agreement

The Prenuptial Agreement is a document brought into use by a couple before their marriage, usually, after they are engaged. The agreement declares the details of property ownership and the financial rights in casethe marriage ends.

In the agreement, the couple agrees to maintain separate ownership of the assets and property they have acquired before marriage. The Prenuptial Agreement is more commonly known as a Prenup but is also referred to as the Antenuptial Agreement, Marriage Contract, or the Premarital Agreement.

We offer a legal template for the Prenuptial Agreement which has beencarefully drafted by our legal experts. It includes and declares the basic elements essential to the document. The template is fully customizable –you can add, subtract and modify the text of the document.

The template is available for downloading purposes in various formats. Please know that the legal textual framework of this document is revised,updated, and verified by an established legal attorney.

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