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Notice of Rent Increase

The Notice of Rent Increase is a law-abiding letter that is used to inform the tenant of a supposed hike in the ongoing rent for the property. The letter makes it clear to the tenant of the upcoming revised rent rates.

The notice needs a legal statement in the original rent agreement thatwarrants of such a hike. If there is no such mention originally, the landlord may need to revise the agreement to be able to do so. The notice identifies some basic elements such as Current Rent, New Rent etc.

You can make the process of drafting the notice easier by using ourdocument template. It already contains the legal terminology you need to keep in place and has been verified by an attorney for lawful accuracy.

Simply download the template and insert your specifics and you’d be good to go. The document is easy to edit in various formats in case youneed to make special additions.

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