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Non-Compete Agreement

A Non-Compete Agreement is arguably the most important document for your business. It is a document that is signed by employees, businesses, and contractors before they are hired by a company. It goes into effect once any of the aforementioned parties sever ties with the company.

It is an inevitable requirement for the sake of the protection of your company. The hired party has access to private and sensitive information about the company, which the Non-Compete Agreement helps to protect. A non-compete is signed even when you’re buying a company from someone.

Drafted and compiled by legal veterans, the non-compete sub-template is conveniently easy to use. It is fully customizable – you can add, remove or modify text as per your company’s requirements.

The agreement is available for download in numerous formats. You candownload and print it straight away for use. Please know that the legal text in the document is verified for authenticity by a legal attorney.

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