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Newsletter Disclaimer

The Newsletter Disclaimer is a document displayed on websites that offer newsletters and newsletter subscriptions to their users. The document is used by websites to avoid any liabilities that could arise from the misuse of the information within a newsletter.

The Newsletter Disclaimer is a specialized disclaimer document which asserts that the information available in the newsletter is information only, and not advice or counsel; and that the users should consult a specialist if they require counsel. It also asserts that there are no warranties provided in relation to the information in the newsletter.

We offer a legal template for the Newsletter Disclaimer which has been carefully crafted by our experts. You can obtain your template by downloading it in a format of your choice. Our template includes anddeclares the basic elements essential to the document.

The template we provide is fully customizable – you can modify the text to suit your website’s requirements. Please know that the legal textual framework of this document has been examined, revised, and verified by a licensed attorney.

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