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Mutual Rescission and Release Agreement

The Mutual Rescission and Release Agreement is a document that is drafted to terminate the agreements signed on a contract when the signers are not happy with the contract’s outcomes and want to absolve from their contractual responsibilities and benefits.

This agreement nullifies the original signed agreement and brings everything back to as it was before the signs were made. The involved parties can get rid of the due dissatisfaction with the contract using this form. It’s also called Equitable Rescission in some states.

Our document template helps you make an accurate agreement with its ready-to-use contractual terms and the legal framework you would need, in order to sign the agreement.

Simply download the template in your preferred format and feed inyour specifics. This simplifies the whole process of creating the agreementand you get lawful security as the template has been verified by our attorney. Once done, you can add more terms if you require and print it for signing.

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