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Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

The Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement is drafted to preserve the confidentiality of a sensitive piece of information that you share with one  of your company partners or an outside agent, but don’t want them to disclose to someone else. By signing this document, you bind them to keep the information private.

The document can come handy when you are discussing a business idea with any of your company strategists before its inception or with a PR agent before a public release. This document also goes by the name of the Mutual Confidentiality Agreement in some states.

You can easily draft this document using our official template. The template contains the legal structure and attorney-verified set of statements that hold proper relevance to the laws of the state.

Simply download the template and edit it to insert your specifics. It’s a quick and convenient process that will help you create lawfully binding documents without requiring much legal expertise. You can review the

terms and add your own anytime for state specifications, special

purposes etc

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