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Moving Checklist

Moving out is a very stressful and demanding activity for every individual. There are thousands of things to pack and through away, so many steps for each activity and you may forget something along the way especially when you decide to make a big move. It is smart to make use of a moving checklist, it helps to keep track of everything you need to do.

You will be surprise how many moving checklists are made available, while we provide various templates that suit your need, you can always modify them according to your need. As long as you use these as your starting point, your moving progress will be much faster and smoother.

The Ideal Home Checklist

The first checklist you need is for your new home, whether you’re buying a house, or renting one for you and your family, it’s always better to start your search with a solid idea of what you want. You can begin your list with the number of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen area, route to work or to gym… List out several of your “must-haves” along with some of your “want-to-have”. It’s rare to find the perfect house for you, so you need to find a balance between your must-have criteria.

The Packing Checklist

Packing is the most painful and time-consuming part of the move out process, but a moving checklist will help you to stay on track. We tend to forget things to pack after already done packing, so a list of important and necessary items to pack is critical for saving time as well as have a clear instruction of what’s worth packing and what’s not.  For example, if you are moving out this summer, your winter clothes are not needed, so do all your holiday decorations or seasonal dishes. The earlier you can pack up these things, the easier things are for you.

The “Open First” Checklist

There will be items that you need to use first when you move in your new place, such as personal items, kitchen applications, bathroom applications, cleaning supplies… Many people like to label boxes with their content for easier recognition. To make things go easier, you can create a list for immediate use when arriving to your new place, so you don’t waste time going through a sea of boxes to find the things you need.

The Move In Checklist

The move in checklists are very important because they involve checking the quality of the place to note out the errors, so you will not be responsible for them when you move out. You should make sure that all the appliances work, cupboard and closet doors are functional, all the electrical outlets work, no damage on walls, carpets, floors. Be very careful when checking out the new place and write down every fault so your future self can rest easy when returning the place.

The “Don’t Forget” Checklist

Beside unpacking your stuffs when moving in the new place, there are other tasks need to be done such as changing your address with the post office, update your new address info in your credit cards, bank accounts, transfer utilities, cancel old UPS services… Be mindful with these tasks since forgetting them may cost you a lot of money after a period of time.

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