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Mortgage Deed

The Mortgage Deed is a document signed by a Borrower and a Lender of a loan, enforced under the law. In this deed, the borrower provides temporary ownership to the lender, of certain property or assets that are used as security by the lender until the loan is paid back by the borrower.

The document holds different legal formalities in different states and is also known by the name of Mortgage Contract. The document uses some critical elements such as Lender, Borrower, Property etc.

You can download our document template to quickly draft the deed, facilitated with the required legal text and statements. The document ensures that the deed meets the legal structure that must be used in the document.

The template’s lawful accuracy is backed by our attorney and the easy customizability of the document helps you fill in your specifics without taking much time. Revise the terms, add your own terms if needed and you’d be done.

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