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When you are en route your entrepreneurial journey, there is one particular obstruction that you will hit for sure – legal documentation. Avoiding legalities is not an option when you wish to begin with your own business. If you seek to start a manufacturing business or company, you will thankyourself later for stumbling upon this website. We offer an exclusive and wholesome legal template package for manufacturing businesses.

Our team of handpicked elite professional attorneys created this package for newbie manufacturing sector entrepreneurs. The package consists of all the required legal documentation. This will save you from the trouble of spending time, money, and efforts, that you alternatively would have to if you opt for an attorney’s consultation.

  1. ✓ End User License Agreement
  2. ✓ Exclusivity Agreement
  3. ✓ Manufacturing Contract
  4. ✓ Manufacturing License Agreement

Features of the Manufacturing Template Package:

  • It consists of 4 sub-templates inevitable for the manufacturing business. The most important document among these is the Manufacturing License Agreement.
  • The sub-templates can be downloaded individually or together, as perrequirement.
  • All 4 sub-templates are absolutely customizable – you can change names where required, you can fill in the blanks where provided, you can also modify and alter the text.
  • The sub-templates are available for download in various formats.
  • Business and legal jargon are examined and critically verified for lawful and semantic correctness.
  • The legal text in all of the provided documents is revised and up-to-date.

We understand that as a beginning entrepreneur, you already have a lot of expenditures to handle. Opting for our Manufacturing template package will make your life significantly easier, reduce your worries which concern legal documentation, and will also ensure the smooth running of your business.

Please know that the text in the sub-templates has been subjected to verification by professional legal attorneys.

There are numerous people who are unacquainted with legal and business jargon. They might find it hard to comprehend the documentation fully due to the nature of the text. For them, we would suggest seeking the help of a professional attorney.

More templates from this category…

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1. End User License Agreement

An End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legally binding contract between two parties where one party grants the other party a license to use their software in exchange for a fee. The two involved parties are the licensor/vendor and the licensee. The licensor is the owner/creator of the software and the licensee is the user.

The End User License Agreement is an important document that protects the software owner/creator by providing limited rights of use to the licensee. It prohibits the user from misusing the software for personal gain.

Our legal experts created a sub-template for the EULA where they haveidentified the basic required elements – the name of the licensor, the name of the licensee, infringement acknowledgment, and license granting, amidst many others.

The template is customizable – you can download, edit, and print it directly for use. It is available in various formats for your convenience. Please note that the legal text in the document has been verified by an established attorney. (Read more…)

2. Exclusivity Agreement

The Exclusivity Agreement is a contract used for establishing terms while entering into a legal partnership which involves the buying and selling of goods. The partnership can be with multiple persons or companies. This arrangement is between multiple parties to buy goods exclusively and solely from one seller, making the seller the sole provider.

The Exclusivity Agreement might sometimes also be referred to as the Exclusivity Contract. This contract works three ways – one, where you act as an exclusive provider; two, where someone else exclusively provides goods/services for your business; and three, where you create an advantage by limiting who your business partners work with.

Our Exclusivity Agreement sub-template is a professionally drafted document which declares the basic parameters – exclusivity, resale price, product standards, etc.

The sub-template is customizable – you can modify and alter the text wherever required. The sub-template is available in various formats. Please know that the legal textual framework of the document has been critically examined and verified by a legal attorney. (Read more…)

3. Manufacturing Contract

The Manufacturing Contract is a document that records an agreement between the product developer and the product manufacturer. It allows for the establishment of a service contract between the two aforementioned parties.

The Manufacturing Contract is an important document used by a product developer when his product is ready to be marketed and he requires a manufacturer for the process. The same agreement is also used by a manufacturer who seeks a service contract for a manufacturing job.

To ease your worries, we put together a Manufacturing Contract sub-template that declares and identifies details like the purpose of the contract, the item(s) to be manufactured, and product standards.

The document is ready-for-use and easy to understand. It is customizable and grants you full access to the modification of the text. You can fill in your own product specifications, inventory details, etc. The document downloads are available in various formats. Please note that the text of the sub-template has been examined and revised by a verified attorney. (Read more…)

4. Manufacturing License Agreement

The Manufacturing License Agreement is a legally binding contract, in which, one organization/person grants another organization/person the right to use their property/product in exchange for a royalty payment [compensation]. In some places, it is also referred to as Production License Agreement.

The Manufacturing License Agreement is a document which is brought into use if you own the rights to a particular product but would like to allow another party to manufacture it, or if you want the right to manufacture a product that belongs to another party.

Our legal veterans created a Manufacturing License Agreement sub-template defining the basic parameters like grant of the license, payment of royalty, modifications, and quality control.

The sub-template is entirely customizable so that you can modify it as pery our convenience. It is available for download in a number of formats. We have already done the hard work for you; all you need to do is spend 5 minutes to read, modify, and print the agreement. Please know that the text in the document has been examined and verified by a legal attorney. (Read more…)