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Manufacturing Contract

The Manufacturing Contract is a document that records an agreement between the product developer and the product manufacturer. It allows for the establishment of a service contract between the two aforementioned parties.

The Manufacturing Contract is an important document used by a product developer when his product is ready to be marketed and he requires a manufacturer for the process. The same agreement is also used by a manufacturer who seeks a service contract for a manufacturing job.

To ease your worries, we put together a Manufacturing Contract sub-template that declares and identifies details like the purpose of the contract, the item(s) to be manufactured, and product standards.

The document is ready-for-use and easy to understand. It is customizable and grants you full access to the modification of the text. You can fill in your own product specifications, inventory details, etc. The document downloads are available in various formats. Please note that the text of the sub-template has been examined and revised by a verified attorney.

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