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Liquidation Agreement

The Liquidation Agreement is a document used to legally and formally end a partnership between two parties. The agreement helps to settle things between both the parties smoothly and fairly. Note that the partnership continues until the business gets a proper ‘winding up’.

This document, in general, helps to outline the details of the end of the partnership. The agreement is also referred to as the Partnership Dissolution Agreement in some places.

Our team of legal experts framed a Liquidation Agreement sub-template to help make your lives easier. It covers all the required details and parameters. It is absolutely customizable – you can add, remove, and modify text as per your requirement.

The agreement sub-template is available in numerous formats for downloading purposes. Upon downloading, you can modify the text to suit your requirements. After that, you only need to print the document and use it.

Please note that the nature of the text in this document is legal, and it has been examined and verified by an attorney.

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