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Legal Disclaimer

The Legal Disclaimer is a document displayed on websites that contain or offer legal information to their users. Normally, you will find a Legal Disclaimer on lawyers’ websites and sites of legal service providers.

The Legal Disclaimer is a specialized disclaimer document which asserts that the legal information available on the website is legal information only, and not legal advice or counsel; and that the website is not responsible forany misuse of the information. It also asserts that there are no warranties provided in relation to the legal information.

We offer a legal template for the Legal Disclaimer which has been carefully crafted by our experts. You can obtain your template by downloading it in a format of your choice. Our template includes and declares the basic elements essential to the document.

The template we provide is fully customizable – you can modify the text to suit your website’s requirements. Please know that the legal textual framework of this document has been examined, revised, and verified by a licensed attorney.

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