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Lease Termination

The Lease Termination document is used to put an end to the lease agreement signed by the tenant and the landlord, wherein both the parties give up their respective responsibilities as mentioned in the agreement.

It can be signed single-sidedly by one of the two parties or in unison by both the parties. In case it is done by one party alone, a notice of lease termination is required to be sent to another. It is a state-specific document and is also known as Notice to End Tenancy.

You can download our document template to quickly draft the termination that is facilitated with the required legal text and statements. It recognizes all the critical parameters such as Original Lease Agreement, Forwarding Address, Vacate Date etc.

The template’s lawful accuracy is backed by our attorney and the easy customizability of the document helps you fill in your specifics without taking much time.

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