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Lease Renewal

The Lease Renewal is a legal document that establishes an extension in the period of time for which the property was given on lease to a tenant by the property owner or the landlord. It basically identifies changes made to the duration of lease and, possibly the rent amount while keeping other terms constant.

The document is state-specific and is known by other names as well likewise Lease Extension, Lease Amendment, Amendment to Lease Agreement etc in various states. It identifies some important elements such as the details of Rent, Renewal, Full Force and Effect etc

You can download our document template in order to quickly draft the renewal with the help of a pre-written legal textual framework. You can insert the details into the template and make necessary revisions wherever required, to finish drafting the document in no time.

You get legal security with the template as the statements have been checked by a professional attorney, helping you avoid technical loopholes.

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