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Invitation to Bid

The Invitation to Bid is used to invite contractors or bidders to a project and is issued by the project owner. The most beneficial thing about this document is that once issued, it only brings forth worthy and good-quality bids. It also helps in simplifying the entire process of bidding and getting bids.

When you own a business and are planning on a new project, the Invitation to Bid is one of the most important documents for the first phase. In some places, this document is also known as the ITB or the Bid Invitation.

Our experts have created an ITB sub-template to make lives easier for the business owners. Our sub-template comprises minute details and declares the basic elements. It is available in multiple formats for downloading purposes.

Once you download the document, you can customize it as per your company’s requirements. Please know that the text of this document has been subjected to revision and verification by an attorney.

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