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Independent Contractor Agreement

The Independent Contractor Agreement is a document required for a company to hire a firm/business or an individual for a specific service ortask for a short time period. It establishes and declares the legal relationship between two parties – the hiring company/business and the contractor (can be an individual or a business).

The official name for the Independent Contractor Agreement varies fromplace to place. So far, it has acquired numerous names such as the Freelancer Agreement, the Contractor Agreement, the Independent Consultant Agreement, to name a few.

The sub-template of the agreement is crafted with care by a team of legal veterans. The basic elements such as hiring company, contractor, services, compensation, termination, etc., are identified and declared in the document.

All you need to do is spend 5-7 minutes on this easy-to-use sub-template and customize it as per your needs. It is available in various formats for download and editing purposes.

The document has been subjected to examination and verification for legal exactness by an established attorney.

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