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Gift Affidavit

The Gift Affidavit is a legal statement that documents the details of an item gifted to someone by an individual. By filing an affidavit, the person testifies under the law, the exact details and composition of the gift, to protect any legal consequences that may arise otherwise.

The document is generally used in the cases when the gifted item has a high monetary value. It is legally attested by the affidavit that the item was not loaned, sold or given on rent by the gifter.

For legal authenticity, the document contains the critical elements such as details of Gift Giver, Gift and the recipient.

You can draft the affidavit by downloading our ready-to-use document template, containing the legal framework and text. Simply insert your specifics, review the terms and get it signed by a notary to complete the process. The template ensures the lawful integrity of your document and removes legal loopholes caused by ambiguous wording.

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