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Documents related to financial matters such as loans, interest, affidavits etc are pivotal in enabling businesses to carry out commerce and financial transactions necessary to sustain themselves.

Established businesses and individuals, everyone needs accurate reporting of their financial statements to the government and to each other in order to smoothly run their professional lives.

Our set of Financial Document Templates gives you access to most commonly used legal templates such as Loan Agreement, Power of Attorney, Gift Affidavit and many more. These templates lay down the generic framework of terms and conditions that must be present in your financial papers. You can simply download the templates in the format of your choice and customize them accordingly. Our quality experts make sure that the legal text contained in these templates is accurate as well as complies with the state and federal laws comprehensively.

Features of Financial Documents

  1. ✓ Affidavit Templates
  2. ✓ Demand For Payment Letter
  3. ✓ Financial Affidavit
  4. ✓ Gift Affidavit
  5. ✓ IOU
  6. ✓ Loan Agreement
  7. ✓ Power of Attorney
  8. ✓ Promissory Note
  9. ✓ Room Rental Agreement
  10. ✓ Stock Purchase Agreement
  11. ✓ Tolling Agreement
  12. ✓ Fee Agreement
  13. ✓ Financial Services Agreement
  14. ✓ Guaranty Agreement
  15. ✓ Revolving Credit Agreement

We advise you to read the documents carefully before filing in case you have a considerable amount of doubt about something, you can consult a professional CPA or a similar person to help you file the document. This is the best practice for anyone unfamiliar with finance documents.

More templates from this category…

1.Affidavit Templates

An Affidavit is a lawfully binding document that is used to declare a statement or a fact as the truth under the law. Affidavits are used for a wide variety of purposes such as for protecting your property or declaring the heirs of your property.

The truthfulness of the statement declared in the affidavit becomes lawfully punishable if violated as they are signed by a notary in the presence of a witness.

These templates can be used to draft several affidavits with pre-written legal text and generic language that you will be required. All the critical legal terms such as the Affiant, penalty of perjury, and witnesses have been included in the template.

You can draft an affidavit simply by inserting the specifics into the report. The templates are available in various downloadable formats and are easy to edit.(Read More…)

2.Demand For Payment Letter

A Demand For Payment Letter is a document that lays down the particulars of an impending payment after the due date has elapsed. It is an official letter that is sent to an indebted person to notify them of the details of the debt and the consequences that may arise on further ignorance.

If your repeated efforts of obtaining a payment through non-formal means have been ignored, you can file this letter and take the lawful route.
By using our document template, it becomes easy to draft this letter accurately and within government guidelines. The template contains the legal formatting and text, verified by a qualified attorney.

These templates are free to download and insert your specifics into the letter, taking care of the lawful appropriateness of the draft. Critical elements such as Debt Date, Debt Details and Consequences of non-payment etc have already been included in the template, to ensure the factual strength of the document.(Read More…)

3.Financial Affidavit

A Financial Affidavit is a legal statement testifying the financial conditions and circumstances of an individual. A person may use the affidavit to swear under the law that their economic conditions are accurate as described in the testimony.

Just like other affidavits, the truthfulness of the statements mentioned in the content is punishable under the law if they deviate from reality. The primary of the use case of the document is in judicial courts where one needs to testify their financial status.

You can download our document template to draft the affidavit with full legal authenticity. The model contains the constitutional text and framework required for filing the affidavit; you have to add your specifics.
This can be done by editing the document in the format of your choice. The template saves time and provides factual strength to your affidavit by incorporating essential elements like the Affiant, Source of Income, Monthly Expenses and more.(Read More…)

4.Gift Affidavit

A Gift Affidavit is a legal statement that documents the details of an item gifted to someone by an individual. By filing an affidavit, the person testifies under the law, the exact details and composition of the gift, to protect any legal consequences that may arise otherwise.

The document is generally used in the cases when the gifted item has a high monetary value. It is rightfully attested by the oath that the item was not loaned, sold or given on rent by the gifter.

For legal authenticity, the document contains the critical elements such as details of Gift Giver, Gift and the recipient.

Users can draft the affidavit by downloading our ready-to-use template, containing the legal framework and text. The model ensures the lawful integrity of your document and removes legal loopholes caused by the ambiguous wording.(Read More…)


An IOU in financial terms is referred to as a document used for recording a debt taken by a person from a lender. The details of the debt such as the sum of money given in debt and the time of debt are documented in it.
By signing an IOU, you are legally bound to the lender and terms of the document warrant a legal treatment from there on. It is usually used to maintain a record of the debt in most cases.

It goes by the names of Registered Warrant and the “I Owe You” form.
Our template allows you to quickly draft the document by using a fully editable electronic file that contains all the legal terms required for the paper, duly checked by a practicing attorney.

Simply insert the specific information related to the person you are taking or giving the debt to complete the process.(Read More…)

6.Loan Agreement

A Loan Agreement is a lawfully enforced document that lays down the details of a loan transaction between two people. By signing this document, the borrower is obliged under the law to repay the loan amount according to the time duration mentioned in the agreement and the lender is legally liable to lend the sum without fail.

The document is signed as security for both the parties and helps in maintaining the agreement terms lawfully. This paper is a state-specific document and warrants a separate format for each state.

Simply add your details to the template, revise the terms you wish to keep. The paper will help you strengthen your loan transaction with attorney-verified use of legal text.(Read More…)

7.Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that establishes a lawfully enforced relationship between two people where one of them grants the other with the power to exercise control over personal or business assets.
The original owner of the assets is called the Principal and the person being made in charge, is called the Agent. This is another state-specific document and is planned when someone wants to transfer the responsibility of significant assets to a person of trust.

The decisive parameters such as Agent details, Grant of Authority and Signatures have been incorporated in the template.(Read More…)

8.Promissory Note

A Promissory Note is a legal document that establishes a constitutional relationship between two parties involved in lending and borrowing of a sum of money. The note recognizes the two as lender and borrower. It is used to enforce the debt with a written promise that it is liable to be paid by a given due date.

It has two types; secured and unsecured, that refer to the situation when some variety of asset security is written into the note for against the debt, while the latter has no such condition. The template contains the required legal framework verified by an attorney for authenticity.(Read More…)

9.Revocation of Power of Attorney

A Revocation of Power of Attorney is a legal document for revoking or nullifying the Power of Attorney of business or personal asset/responsibility previously assigned to a person by the original owner (Principal). It can be used when the owner changes their mind about the power of attorney assignment.

The document, also known by the names of Durable Power of Attorney Revocation, is specific to every state and contains some essential terms such as Former Agent, Principal, and Signatures.(Read More…)

10.Room Rental Agreement

A Room Rental Agreement is a written legal document in which a tenant agrees to a set of rules and expectations when they sublet or rent the room to another person(s). The agreement lawfully enforces the agreed terms and conditions on the tenant and helps the owner of the property to protect their interest.

The legal structure of the report alters with states and is also sometimes called a sublease agreement. Note that this document is different from roommate agreement.

You can assure the legal decorum to be maintained while subletting the room to someone by using our document template. It has been verified for lawful appropriateness and already contains the set of statements required to sign the document.(Read More…)

11.Stock Purchase Agreement

A Stock Purchase Agreement is a legal agreement signed between the purchasers of the stock shares and the company that offers it. It protects the interests of both the parties and helps establish the details of the transaction.

Many companies offer stock shares to their employees and others to gain influence for the company or to develop their business. The agreement contains some essential elements such as the number of shares purchased, buyer’s details, date of purchase and more. If you’re looking to create shares in your company, this document will facilitate the process.

It contains the legal structure used for signing the document and has been verified by a qualified attorney for authenticity. It also permits you to protect your company’s shares under the authority by avoiding loopholes in the legal text.(Read More…)

12.Tolling Agreement

A Tolling Agreement is a legal agreement made between a party and other parties wherein they legally agree to toll a set of statements, regulations or policies that generally produce legal consequences. The agreement may or may not lead to a lawsuit and documents the duration of time in which these lawsuits may be filed.

This state-specific report is normally used for tolling statute of repose where the parties provide legal written permission to let go of their legal defense in case of a lawsuit. The document recognizes some important elements such as Declaration of No Liability, Party information etc. and more.

The legal structure of the document has been validated by a practicing attorney-at-law for official authenticity.(Read More…)

13.Fee Agreement

A Fee Agreement is a legally required agreement that documents the details of the fee payment between a buyer and a seller. It is a state-specific document and helps establish important agreement terms before the actual work begins.

The document also contains the specifics on how the amount of fee will be paid, by what date and the terms of service promised by the service provider. The document helps clarify the agreement terms in advance and saves friction later on.

If you’ve been hired by someone or would like to hire someone for a piece of work, you can protect the payment terms with this document. Our document template contains a ready-to-use legal framework required for the document that can help you quickly draft the agreement.

The lawful integrity of the document is ensured by a practicing attorney, who also checks the legal appropriateness of the legal text.(Read More…)

14.Financial Services Agreement

A Financial Services Agreement is a legally required agreement made between a person seeking financial services and a professional financial advisor. The document lays down what all services the customer has subscribed for and the details of financial advice sought.

The document also describes the fees agreed by both the parties. The legal formalities specified in the document vary from state to state and identify critical components like Fiscal Matters, Contract Details and Points of Contact etc.

Our ready-to-use document template allows you to draft this agreement with the pre-written legal framework containing all the law-abiding statements required for signing the agreement. The document protects your interests by using attorney-checked and factually correct statements for maintaining legal authenticity.(Read More…)

15.Finder’s Fee Agreement

A Finder’s Fee Agreement is a written contract between a business or an individual who hires or wants to pay a person bringing valuable business interests to them. The business interests include clients, investors or names and contacts of the same.

The Agreement contains necessary details such as the amount of fee, qualifying findings and other mutually agreeable terms that the parties want to include.

You can protect your side of the bargain when you hire a finder by signing this agreement. Our templates provide you with the terms of service and legal framework required to sign the document. You can download the template and insert your specifics into it, to complete the process.(Read More…)

16.Guaranty Agreement

A Guaranty Agreement is a form that is signed in order to obtain guaranty for future financial security regarding a transaction from a person. The guarantor formally agrees to pay for a person they want to save from falling victim to the inability to complete an obligated payment such as a loan or a bill.

If you want to help a close one from the impending consequences of non-adherence to repayment deadline, you can sign this agreement with them, doing which, you’d be formally liable to reimburse their outstanding amount.

If you’re the guarantor, you can protect your interests via this document. We provide ready-to-use templates that make the drafting process easier for you. They are easily editable and provide lawful backing.(Read More…)

17.Revolving Credit Agreement

A Revolving Credit Agreement specifies an agreement made between a seller and a buyer, under which the seller agrees to offer the buyer with a revolving credit for carrying out business with them. The revolving credit is an amount of owed money that the seller entrusts on the buyer to facilitate a healthy relationship.

The document helps in ensuring smooth maintenance of this mutual arrangement and protects the interests of the seller in case the buyer delays or does not compensate the credit in agreed time.

It is fairly simple to draft the Agreement using our document template that contains all the statements and parameters in a pre-written format. The template provides legal authenticity as the documents are attorney verified alongside being easy to edit for revisions.