Invoice Tracker Style 363

If you want to try changing the display format, please press ctrl+1 and change the number format there. What format of data entry is considered as date, depends on the country/region of Excel. You can return to the spreadsheet every time when you have to enter new information in or when it is necessary to update existing invoice data to keep all of the invoice and payment data up to date. You can begin using this template in no time at all. Start by copying the information from your existing invoices into the table. Can you please fix this for me. The message it shows says that if the slicer has been created in Excel 2007 or an earlier only then it can be used. This ribbon tab provides global commands, that are available to all the worksheets in the Excel spreadsheet template, such as "Customers", "Products", "Invoices", "Reports", "Settings" and "Help"; there are also shortcut to commands that affect the working mode the invoicing form, such as "Hide Task Pane", "Disable On-sheet Picker", "Design Mode", "Replace Logo Image", "Add / Update PayPal Button", etc. Hi there, This is a great template. However, I have some problems with clearing the outstanding amount from invoices which were overdue.

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