General Ledger with Budget Comparison Style 327

The procedure to be followed in case of a power failure in the power sources of either the productive or backup server. Next, the sales manager uses the Budget Allocation process to reallocate revenue amounts according to 2002 sales trends, using the 2002 amounts in the sales revenue account for all departments as the basis. In this way, sales figures for the eastern division are spread according to the general sales trends for 2002. As the final step, the sales manager uses the new 2003 sales revenue forecast amounts as the basis for allocating the travel expenses. Components (From DMS)CN27 Collective confirm.CN28 Display Network ConfirmationsCN29 Cancel Network ConfirmationCN2X Confirm Completions in NetworkCN30 Processing PDC error recordsCN33 PDM-PS interfaceCN34 Maintain release table TCNRLCN35 Control stock / account assignmentCN36 BOM Transfer ProfileCN37 BOM Allocation Field SelectionCN38 Maintain Flexible Reference PointCN40 Project OverviewCN41 Structure OverviewCN42 Overview: Project DefinitionsCN42N Overview: Project DefinitionsCN43 Overview: WBS ElementsCN43N Overview: WBS ElementsCN44 Overview: Planned OrdersCN44N Overview: Planned OrdersCN45 Overview: OrdersCN45N Overview: OrdersCN46 Overview: NetworksCN46N Overview: NetworksCN47 Overview: Activities/ElementsCN47N Overview: Activities/ElementsCN48 Overview: ConfirmationsCN48N Overview: ConfirmationsCN49 Overview: RelationshipsCN49N Overview: RelationshipsCN50 Overview: Capacity RequirementsCN50N Overview: Capacity RequirementsCN51 Overview: PRTsCN51N Overview: PRTsCN52 Overview: ComponentsCN52N Overview: ComponentsCN53 Overview: MilestonesCN53N Overview: MilestonesCN54N Overview: Sales DocumentCN55N Overview: Sales and Dist. ItemsCN60 Change Documents for Projects/Netw.CN61 Standard networkCN65 Change documents order /networkCN70 Overview: Batch variantsCN71 Create versionsCN72 Create Project VersionCN80 Archiving project structuresCN81 PS: Archiving project - preliminaryCN82 PS: Archiving project structuresCN83 PS: Archiving project - Info SystemCN84 PS: Archiving project - admin.CN85 PS: Delete operative structuresCN98 Delete Standard NetworksCN99 Archiving Standard NetworksCNB1 Purchase requisitions for projectCNB2 Purchase orders for projectCNC4 Consistency checks for WBSCNC5 Consistency checks sales order/proj.CNE1 Project Progress (Individual Proc.)CNE2 Project Progress (Collective Proc.)CNE5 Progress AnalysisCNG1 Netw./Hier.: Maintain frame typesCNG2 Netw./Hier.: Maintain form def.CNG3 Netw./hier.: maintain color definit.CNG4 Netw./Hier.: Maintain graph. profileCNG5 Netw./Hier: Maintain options profileCNG6 Netw./hier.: Maintain node typeCNG7 Netw./Hier.: Maintain link typesCNG8 Netw./Hier.: Maintain field def.CNG9 Graph. Netw./Hierarchy Graph.CNL1 Create delivery informationCNL2 Change delivery informationCNL3 Display delivery informationCNMASS Mass Changes in Project SystemCNMASSPROT Display log f. The pool capacity works as you say, but it seems that you are using the capacity availabality feature. I understood that if you use that, the system only checks if there is capacity avalibale, but not makes a capacity "commitment", it means, other networks can plan that capacity as own (this is made in the "levelling" section).

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