Expense Report Style 85

Creating a personal budget can be a great tool for financial management, and also help you identify and reach your monetary goals. This monthly expenses template compares your outgoing costs to income and savings, and includes a dashboard view for a quick visual reference. With endless customizable options - from colors and symbols to view type - Smartsheet allows you to create a snapshot into your business or personal finances with easy-to-use templates and anytime, anywhere access. Use the “Expense Report” template for easy tracking on the go. Add a date and description of each expense, and categorize expenses for easy organization. Have them write notes on receipts, like their name and the reason for the expense or job number. When an employee submits an expenditure report, they should attach supporting documents to it. It is important to maintain the records of spending and expenditures. But honestly, how many of us really do it? Such types of expenses may include freight charges, meal charges, equipment and hotel charges etc.

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