Expense Report Style 434

For an effective reimbursement process, keep expense reporting moving. The faster you receive the reports, the healthier your small business cash flow. With endless customizable options - from colors and symbols to view type - Smartsheet allows you to create a snapshot into your business or personal finances with easy-to-use templates and anytime, anywhere access. Use the “Expense Report” template for easy tracking on the go. Add a date and description of each expense, and categorize expenses for easy organization. Once you have planned to write your expenses and prioritize them, you need to open an Excel spreadsheet. Type your company’s name on the top of the sheet, your name and the time period on the upper left corner of the spreadsheet. This is a PDf form that will help you to quickly download it for printing on your local printer. Just fill it up and you are all done. Turn it in to HR or accounting for the….

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