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Fee Agreement

The Fee Agreement is a legally binding agreement that documents the details of the fee payment between a contractor and the service provider. It is a state-specific document and helps establish important agreement terms before the actual work begins.

The document also contains the specifics on how the amount of fee will be paid, by what date and the terms of service promised by the service provider. The document helps clarify the agreement terms in advanceand saves friction later on.

If you’ve been hired by someone or would like to hire someone for a piece of work, you can protect the payment terms with this document. Our document template contains a ready-to-use legal framework required for the document that can help you quickly draft the agreement.

The lawful integrity of the document is ensured by a practicing attorney, who also checks the legal appropriateness of the legal text. You can download the template, insert your specifics into it and you’ll have a ready-to-sign document.

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