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Are you an event management company looking to obtain service contracts with minimum hassle? Well, you have found the right place to fulfill all your documentation needs with our ready-to-use templates!

You needn’t worry about writing lengthy terms and conditions for the food you provide, or the entertainers you book for the event. You can simply access our library of professionally curated document templates that are fit for all. We have experienced attorneys working to curate these documents that lawfully cover you against contract infringement scenarios and help you operate your business as smoothly as possible.

You can download our templates in the electronic format of your choice and insert your specifics. Quickly review what all terms and conditions you want to keep and delete the rest. Print the documents and you’re all ready to commence your event without a worry.

  1. ✓ Bartending Contract
  2. ✓ Catering Contract
  3. ✓ Concession Agreement
  4. ✓ DJ Contract
  5. ✓ Facilities Rental Agreement
  6. ✓ Food Service Contract

Features of Event Document Templates

  • All major contracts have been covered by the documents such as for bartending, catering, concessions, food service and more.
  • Contract terms have been clearly emphasized with definitions for commonly used legal jargons. This ensures clarity for both the parties.
  • Make the process of hiring professionals for each event a breeze by simply using the ready-made legal text for an unlimited number of contracts.
  • The authenticity of the legal terms and governing laws is verified by professional attorneys for maximum security in your contracts.
  • The templates contain generic as well as specific frameworks which can be used in accordance with your requirements.

Leave your legal worries behind and save time that would otherwise bespent on creating these documents from scratch. A professional contract

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1. Bartending Contract

The Bartending Contract is a lawful agreement that is used when you hire a bartender or provide bartending services to a client. It lays down that the bartender complies with the governing liquor laws alongside details of the contract such as payment, location, liability etc.

The contract is used at a number of events such as marriage parties, ceremonies, corporate occasions and more. The state-specific document is also known by the name of Bartending Agreement in some areas.

We offer a document template that makes it easy for you to draft the contract with the help of the pre-written set of statements in relevance to the legal framework. The template includes all the important elements such as Confidentiality, Payment Security, Default and Termination etc.

You can simply download the template in the format of your choice and make add in your details to complete the process in no time. The document is easy to customize in case you need to revise specific terms and the legal accuracy has been verified by a practicing attorney. (Read more…)

2. Catering Contract

The Catering Contract is a legal contract used to lawfully secure the details and requirements of a catering event, either by the service contractor or the hirer. It involves agreements made to event-specific details such as the food menu, arrangements, legal compliances, cancellation policies, insurance and so forth.

The document is usually signed by the contractor offering catering services to the client as a part of the service package. It helps in reaffirming the event details and making sure the planning is properly carried out.

If you’re planning an event, you can easily prepare the contract by using our document template. It contains all the critical elements such as Contractor Statement, Force Majeure etc alongside the event detail columns.

The downloadable template offers easy editing and you can completethe process by simply inserting your specific details into the ready-to-use legal framework verified by an attorney. You get a legally strong document while saving your precious time. (Read more…)

3. Concession Agreement

The Concession Agreement is a service agreement made at the time of organizing concessions for an event. The contract lays down the details of the concession vendor, seller, the hiring business and what all things will the concession incorporate.

The contract can be signed by either of the parties i.e. someone looking to rent a place for a concession or a business requiring a concession stand for their event. By signing the agreement, the business interests of both the parties are secured under the law and help in avoiding uninvited consequences later on.

You can draft the contract easily with the help of our ready-to-use document template that contains the legal framework and the set of statements you will need for signing the document.

Simply download the template for your state, add your details, revise the terms if required and you’d be done. The legal language has been verified by an attorney for increased security. (Read more…)

4. DJ Contract

DJ Contract is a written document stating the working terms of a DJ for an event. By using the contract, event planners or DJs themselves provide extra confidence to the employer that they will comply with the mentioned terms and will mark their presence for the event to their best knowledge.

The contract protects the DJ under the law for payment, event durationand other clauses if mentioned, side by side offering security for instances like cancellation, Acts of God etc. The contract also proves to the employer that the DJ is professional with their terms.

You can easily draft a lawfully accurate and technically sound DJ contract with the help of our document template. It contains all the important elements such as cancellation policies, details of event and payment and service agreements.

Simply download the attorney-verified template and add your specifics toit. After a quick revision of the terms, you’d be ready with the document in no time. (Read more…)

5. Facilities Rental Agreement

The Facilities Rental Agreement is a legal agreement made when you’re renting or giving a facility/space for rent to someone. It helps in establishing clear workable terms according to which the venue will be rented. The basic details include the address of the venue, names of the parties and booking charges.

The document facilitates a secure renting process for the venue owner by providing security through Cancellation Protection, Acceptance Conditions, Recovery of Damages and more, covered under the law. The renters also get the date of booking protection and payment security when they sign this agreement.

You can quickly prepare this document using our template that contains all the legal statements and structure required for signing the agreement. The template is downloadable and easy to edit, allowing you to insert your specifics and draft the document in no time.

To ensure lawful accuracy and integrity, the formal terms have been checked by our practicing attorney. (Read more…)

6. Food Service Contract

The Food Service Contract is a written agreement detailing the terms of procurement of food services from a vendor to an organization or business needing them for an event. Food vendors such as restaurants, catering service providers or local shops draft this document in order to maintain the service terms for event orders.

Anyone who is planning for an event where food will be served can sign this contract with the chosen vendor to ensure the service quality, payment security and verifying expectations. It’s sometimes called the Catering Contract.

Easily draft the document with the help of our comprehensive document template. It contains the lawful framework and service terms you need to sign the document. The document is lawfully protected and checked for accuracy by our professional attorneys.

Preparing the document is as simple as downloading the template, inserting your specifics and reviewing the terms. The legal authenticity of the document helps you dodge any contractual loopholes that may arise. (Read more…)