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Equipment Lease

The Equipment Lease is a document used to declare the conditions under which one party can rent equipment from another party. It identifies the obligations and rights of both the involved parties. It includes a variety of details – names of the owner and the borrower, equipment description, responsibility for repair costs, etc.

An Equipment Lease can be referred to as an Equipment Lease Agreement, Equipment Lease Form, or Equipment Lease Contract. You can use this document if you own equipment and are ready to lease it to another party, or if you wish to lease equipment from its owner. It is advisable to complete the Equipment Lease document before transferring the equipment.

Our Equipment Lease sub-template is drafted to help you avoid the hard work involved in legal documentation. It includes and declares the required basic elements necessary for this document.

The text within the sub-template is customizable. The document itself is available for download in multiple formats. Please note that the text of this document is verified by an established attorney.

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