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Starting a company/business is no small task, neither is it an easy one. All entrepreneurs out there would agree. Keeping track of all the Employment data and legal documentation alone is necessary, which can also turn out to be a pain if not done properly. Preparing all of these documents from scratch is neither an inexpensive approach nor a time-efficient one. This is where our employment-related legal templates come to your aid.

To create a comprehensive template package for legal documentation relating to employment, our team of elites put together multiple necessary and useful documents. The package includes various agreements and letter sub-templates which can help entrepreneurial teams in their operations:

  1. ✓ Employment Agreement
  2. ✓ Independent Contractor Agreement
  3. ✓ Leave of Absence Letter
  4. ✓ Leave of Absence Agreement
  5. ✓ Non-Compete Agreement
  6. ✓ Non-Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement
  7. ✓ Resignation Letter Template

All of our templates are easily customizable – all you have to do is switch names where required, for example, put in your company’s or firm’s name wherever suitable. They are available for download in various formats. They provide you with a convenient, pragmatic and stress-free approach to tackling your company’s legal requirements. The text of these documents has been subjected to examination by a legal attorney for the sake of reassurance.

Users who are new to legal terminologies might find the documents incomprehensible in some places due to the nature of the text. For them, we recommend consultation with a professional attorney.

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1.Employment Agreement

An Employment Agreement is a contract that legally establishes and declares a business relationship between two different parties – the employer and the employee.

Employment Agreement is also known by other names such as Agreement of Service, Employment Contract, Contract of Employment, etc. It is a mandatory document when it comes to hiring employees for a business.
Our Employment Agreement templates have been carefully drafted by veteran attorneys. They contain details such as the names of the employer, and employee, job role, compensation, hiring date, etc. – to name a few. All you have to do is to fill in the blanks.(Read More…)

2.Independent Contractor Agreement

An Independent Contractor Agreement is required when a company wishes to hire a firm/business or an individual for a specific service or task for a short period. It establishes and declares the legal relationship between the two parties – the hiring company/business and the contractor.
The official name for the Independent Contractor Agreement varies from place to place. So far, it has acquired numerous names such as Freelancer Agreement, Contractor Agreement, and Independent Consultant Agreement.

Our templates of the Agreement includes essential components such as the terms and conditions of hiring a company or contractor, services provided, compensation and termination.(Read More…)

3.Leave of Absence Letter

A Leave of Absence Letter is a must-have document for maintaining an employee’s [personnel] file, with which the employee requests a leave of absence from work.

This Letter is addressed to the supervisor of the employee and documents the reason for the leave request. Although the reason can be explained in person, the written form is more professional and a better medium for detailing the situation of the employee. It is also a standard form required by most firms.

If you are an HR professional or Office Manager, our Leave of Absence Letter templates will help make your life easier. It is simple and easy to use. You can add/remove text as required by your business/company.(Read More…)

4.Leave of Absence Agreement

A Leave of Absence Agreement is a document that describes the nature of the absence due to which an employee is on leave from the business. This particular document gives the employee permission to be absent from their job for a certain amount of time so they can attend to other matters.

An employer is legally required to grant a leave of absence in various scenarios – childbirth, child adoption, or when employees are facing serious health issues or a critical situation related to their children, spouse, or parents.

Our templates for the Leave of Absence Agreement are created by our legal expert. It includes leave details and extension details, if applicable.(Read More…)


A Non-Compete Agreement is arguably the most important document for your business. Employees, businesses, and contractors sign it before they are hired by a company. It goes into effect once any of the parties above sever ties with the company.
The Non-Compete Agreement is fundamental to the safety of your business because it protects any private and sensitive information about the company to which the hired party may have had access. It should be signed even when you are buying a company from someone else.
Drafted and compiled by legal veterans, our Non-Compete Agreement templates offer convenience and accurate information. It is fully customizable – you can add, remove or modify text as per your company’s requirements.

The agreement is available for download in numerous formats. You can download and print it straight away for use. Please know that the legal text in the document is verified for authenticity by a legal attorney.(Read More…)


A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an official contract used as a legal binder for two parties – a receiver and a disclosing party. By signing this document, both parties mutually agree that certain private information is nonpublic, sensitive, or cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is a promise between the two parties that they cannot, by any means, disclose or make this information public.

The NDA declares and defines necessary elements such as the disclosing and receiving party, transaction, effective date, and confidential information.

Our team of experts have created several NDA templates for you. All you have to do is to spend a few minutes downloading, analyzing and modifying them according to your needs.(Read More…)

7.Resignation Letter Template

A Resignation Letter, of course, needs no description. Why is it an important template then? Employees might want to avoid writing resignation letters, but it is advisable to do this, irrespective of their experience with the company. A resignation letter formally declares an employee’s intent of discontinuing work with a firm or organization and also provides reasons for this decision.
A resignation letter should be polite, but also concise. It should announce the resignation and planned date of departure and clarify the reasons for leaving.

To help you with the challenging task of composing a sensible resignation letter, our experts have assembled a number of Resignation Letter Templates. You can add, remove, or modify the text freely.(Read More…)