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Divorce Agreement

The Divorce Agreement is a document that declares and outlines all the agreements between the two individuals who are getting divorced. Theagreements are regarding the custody and support of their children (if any), the division of their assets, debts, and property.

The Divorce Agreement is also referred to as the Final Decree of Divorce, or the Divorce Settlement Agreement. The agreement identifies elements like the details of the two individuals involved, the reason for divorce, details of children, the details of their property, and the agreements that the parties have settled on.

We offer a sub-template for the Divorce Agreement created by legal experts. It includes and declares the basic elements essential to the document. The template is fully customizable – you can add, subtract and modify the text of the document.

The sub-template is available for download in various formats. Please know that the legal textual framework of this document is revised, updated, and verified by an established legal attorney.

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