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Deed of Trust

The Deed of Trust is a legal document signed at the time when a person borrows a sum of money as a loan from another person in order to make a real estate purchase. A third person (trustee) is entitled to the property until the loan is paid off by the borrower on the behalf of the lender.

The document recognizes the three people involved in the deed as Lender, Borrower, and Trustee. The document is also known as Mortgage Trust Deed in some states as it’s drafted specifically for every state.

You can download the document template containing a ready-to-use set of formal statements and the legal framework required for signing thedeed. The document is inclusive of critical parameters such as Principal Amount, Property and Security Interest etc.

Simply insert your specifics into this attorney verified document template, revise the statements and you’d be done. The document preserves your deed with lawful accuracy.

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