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Contract Extension Agreement

The Contract Extension Agreement is a document that helps the involved parties to extend the duration of an existing contract. Opting for this contract is a better way to go about things rather than having to write awhole new contract or writing an extra Contract Amendment document.

The Contract Extension Agreement should declare details like the effective date of the agreement, names of the involved parties, a bit about the original contract (the end date, in particular) and the end date of this agreement. This document is also called the Contract Extension Letterand and the Extension of Contract Agreement in a few places.

The Contract Extension Agreement sub-template that we offer includes and identifies all the required basic elements. It is absolutely modifiable – you can add, remove, or alter the text present in the document to suit your needs.

The sub-template is available for download in multiple formats. Please note that the legal textual framework of this document has been critically examined, verified, and updated by a professional attorney.

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