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Construction Contract

The Construction Contract is a document that legally binds a property owner and a construction contractor. It specifies all the work that is to be done on the owner’s property. It declares the names and rights of the involved parties, the cost price, and the dates of the work commencing and work completion.

The document, in addition, can also include specific instructions for the maintenance of the work site. A Construction Contract is known by various other names –Construction Agreement, Construction Contract Agreement, Service Agreement for Construction, Contractor Agreement, amidst many.

The Construction Contract sub-template we offer aims at easing you of your worries and making your life easier. It includes all basic parameters that the Construction contract should declare. All you have to do is download the sub-template, print it, and use it.

The entire text in the document is modifiable. The sub-template is available for download in a number of formats. Please note that the legal text involved in this document is carefully examined and updated by a legal attorney.

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