40 Employment Offer and Rejection letters

If you are running a small company, formal letters such as a job offer letter, opportunity offer letter, and rejection letter are essential for your employment needs. These documents explain to someone why they are offered or rejected a potential position. If you decide to hire them, an offer letter will let them know more about the job.

If you care about candidates who are not shortlisted, a rejection letter will help to clarify your hiring requirements and why they may not be a good fit.

Job Offer Letter

A job offer letter is an important document for your business. With an attractive offer letter, you will increase your chances of hiring skilled employees. It must include details such as job description, reporting relationship, salary, bonus potential, benefits (health insurance, vacation, etc.), and many more. In other words, it confirms the details of the offer of employment and may include:

  • Job Description
  • Job Title
  • Starting Date of Employment
  • Salary
  • Benefits Information and Eligibility
  • Acknowledgment of Offer and Confirmation of Acceptance

Rejection Letter

Rejection letters, also known as employment rejection letters or candidate rejection letters, give unsuccessful candidates information about their unsuitability for a position in a formal and respectful manner. Sending a rejection letter will improve the reputation of your company, and you will never lose a potential employee. Remember to send them a rejection letter shortly after you make your hiring decision. This will help them continue their job search and ultimately, creates a positive impression about your company.

The basic format for a rejection letter consists of the following sections:

  • Say thanks.
  • Deliver the news.
  • Give the main reason.
  • Offer hope

Instead of wasting your time writing these letters, you can download samples of 40 employment offer and rejection letters below. Feel free to modify them according to your needs.


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