35 best rental and lease agreements for landlords

For many landlords, it is a challenging task to write or draft a lease agreement. It is also painful to make sure that your lease agreement meets all the legal criteria to make it acceptable in the eyes of the law. Here are some tips for writing and drafting this type of document.

A detailed rental lease agreement is imperative for both landlords/landladies and tenants to minimize problems in the future. The more thorough the lease, the better it will account for any issues that may arise. There is always a sense of excitement when you sign a contract. Both parties trust that everything will turn out all right. However, there are a lot of chances that conflict will occur. To avoid this, a lease agreement is crucial.

The basic clauses are:

  1. Parties involved: Everyrental lease agreement must list the parties participating in the contract, which will be the landlord/landlady and the tenant, and the property's address. You should also express the conditions of the lease, which can be monthly rental with a specific end date or an automatically continuing lease that remains in effect.
  2. Security deposit clause: Your tenant must pay a security deposit. It can be the rent of one month or an amount determined by estimated value or repair cost if something is damaged.
  3. Maintaining the premises: Your lease agreement should clearly specify that tenants should keep the premises in good conditions. No locks should be changed without your permission. You can also itemize the appliances if they are part of your lease. Also, clarify that who will be responsible for utilities.
  4. Warning of concealed defect: It is the landlord/landlady's responsibility to inform their tenant about any hidden defect. Otherwise, you will have to explain it before a judge.
  5. Subleasing clause: Many tenants sublet the apartment to a friend or a stranger. Make sure to clarify that tenants should get the landlord/landlady's permission before subleasing the apartment.

Still confused? You can check out our templates here for further information. We have included 35 best rental and lease agreements for landlords for your reference!


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