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Child Medical Consent

The Child Medical Consent form is a document that grants authorization to another adult (other than the parents) to make healthcare decisions for a child (a minor). This document is useful in times of emergency. The other adult may be an uncle, aunt, grandparent, or family friend that the child’s present guardian trusts.

The consent form contains details of the minor, details of the minor’s parents, medical history, details of the healthcare provider, and details of the health insurance. The form is known by numerous other names – the Parental Medical Consent Form, the Medical Authorization for Minor, and the Consent to Treat Minor Children.

We offer a sub-template for the consent form created by legal experts. It includes and declares the basic elements essential to the document. The template is fully customizable – you can add, subtract and modify the text within.

The sub-template is available in various formats. Please know that the textual framework of the document has been subjected to the critique and verification of an established legal attorney.

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