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Change Order

The Change Order is a document used for ‘changing’ or altering a construction contract. This contract formally declares that both parties involved have agreed to the change and also understand how it has changed the original contract. The two parties involved in the Change Order can either be the contractor and the client, or the contractor and sub-contractors.

The Change Order is known by various other names – the Change Order Form, the Engineering Change Order, and the Construction Change Order Form.

The Change Order Form can be invoked in various scenarios:

  • The initial construction contract needs a change.
  • The deadline for the contract needs to be changed.
  • The quoted prices for supplies or labor supplies need to be changed.

Our Change Order sub-template is printable and ready to use. It includes and identifies all the basic parameters necessary for the Change Order Form.

The sub-template is available for download in numerous formats. The text in the document has been examined and revised by an attorney.

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