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Certificate of Final Completion

The Certificate of Final Completion is a document used by an independent contractor to formally declare that the project work is now concluded. It also signifies that the contractor is now no longer accountable for changes and/or negotiations.

The Certificate of Final Completion is also known as the Construction Certificate of Completion in various places. It specifies a few things mentioned as follows:

  • The parties involved in the construction project – the project owner, the independent contractor, and the engineering or architectural firm involved, if any.
  • The date when the construction began.
  • The final date when the construction was concluded.
  • Costs, etc.

Our Certificate of Final Completion is a useful sub-template for individual contractors as well as businesses. It is customizable and easy to use. You can alter the text content of the document as per requirement after downloading. The downloadable file is available in numerous formats.

Please note that the legal text has been verified for accuracy by a legal attorney.

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