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Cease and Desist Letter

The Cease and Desist Letter is a document used by someone when they are being harassed in one way or another. The most common cases in which people use the Cease and Desist Letter are harassment, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and collections agency harassment.

In the most basic of words, you might say, that a Cease and Desist Letter is used when you want someone to stop doing something which is affecting you. The Cease and Desist Letter is also known as the Cease and Desist Form, the Cease and Desist Notice, and the Stop Harassment Letter.

We offer a Cease and Desist Letter template on our website. It is available for download in various formats and is directly ready for use. You can download the template, fill in your details, and print it right away.

The document contains legal text which is up-to-date. Please know that the document has been critically examined and revised by a legal attorney.

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