Offering Memorandum Style 106

Any designation of a Subsidiary of the Parent as an Unrestricted Subsidiary will be evidenced to the Trustee by filing with the Trustee a certified copy of a resolution of the Board of Directors giving effect to such designation and an Officers’ Certificate certifying that such designation complied with the preceding conditions and was permitted by the covenant described above under the caption “—Restricted Payments.” If, at any time, any Unrestricted Subsidiary would fail to meet the preceding requirements as an Unrestricted Subsidiary, it will thereafter cease to be an Unrestricted Subsidiary for purposes of the Indenture and any Indebtedness of such Subsidiary will be deemed to be incurred by a Restricted Subsidiary of the Parent as of such date and, if such Indebtedness is not permitted to be incurred as of such date under the covenant described under the caption “—Incurrence of Indebtedness and Issuance of Preferred Stock”, the Parent will be in default of such covenant. The Board of Directors of the Parent may at any time designate any Unrestricted Subsidiary to be a Restricted Subsidiary provided that such designation will be deemed to be an incurrence of Indebtedness by a Restricted Subsidiary of the Parent of any outstanding Indebtedness of such Unrestricted Subsidiary, and such designation will only be permitted if: (i) such Indebtedness is permitted under the covenant described under the caption “—Incurrence of Indebtedness and Issuance of Preferred Stock”, calculated on a pro forma basis as if such designation had occurred at the beginning of the four-quarter reference period; and (ii) no Default or Event of Default would be in existence following such designation. If your selling memo runs many pages long, as a first step present only the memo's summary that includes the following information. Use a form provided by your broker or attorney. Talk to them about steps to follow when screening and qualifying potential buyers, including when to obtain confidentiality agreements before sharing information. Buyers understand they'll need to sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements before receiving information on businesses for sale, so be ready and don't be hesitant about asking.

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