Breach of Contract Notice Style 93

“Strong and active leadership from the top, establishing ‘effective' downward communication to ‘engage the workforce' in the ‘promotion' and ‘achievement of safe, and healthy working conditions; provide high quality ‘training‘, identify and manage ‘health and safety risks', accessing competent advice, monitoring reporting and reviewing performance.”. Remember, that potentially everything you write to your employer, may be seen by a Judge at some future time. Therefore, what you have stated in your letter of grievance is vitally important as to establishing the “reasonable and practicable steps” your employer could have, should have, and ought to have undertaken. You are in breach of this contract for the following reason: Section 2 of the contract states that you will “Complete the project of painting the house by April 4, 2013.” As of May 10, 2013, the house has not been painted. You are therefore in breach of this contract. Please contact me immediately to make arrangements to paint my house. If you do not contact me by June 11, 2013 to make such arrangements, I will pursue any and all available legal remedies.

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