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A great way to do this is by using emotional triggers words that will really motivate your team to accomplish these goals. Certain apps really have the potential to make themselves indispensable and Clear is one of them. As its name would suggest, Clear is a simple yet elegant to-do list app. Believe it or not we use a simple spreadsheet with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) -but it does the trick. Every employee in the company is expected to list four quarterly goals (three professional, one personal) and an action they’ll take to achieve those goals. Now that you got all aggressive (it's okay, we kind of encouraged you there), it's time for a reality check. Of course, we would all love to see huge growth in short periods of time, but are you able to commit to putting in the hours it takes to achieve your goal? When you and your workers agree on achievable goals, they feel accountable (and eager to prove themselves!). Replace top-down goal-setting with periodic group planning sessions. Use this scorecard to track team progress on key objectives and programs. Assign a team member to each objective and deliverable, and attach documents, add discussions, and make updates to drive achievement of your key goals.

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