Balanced Scorecard Style 92

The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system. It is used to align business activities to the strategy of the organization (vision, mission and values), improve communication of objectives and achievements, and monitor and control organization performance against strategic goals. This template is suitable for businesses that need a basic template to get started with the balanced scorecard concept. You can modify fonts and colors and add a logo to create your custom look. There is also room for your budget information. Flexibility to execute the adjustments in shading, textual style, content and more according to one's close to home decision. Simplicity of personalization with your organization name and logo. Perhaps we said we want to increase it by 20%, so the measure is what are we measuring, and the target is what’s our increase. The balanced scorecard is a highly effective method of taking a big picture look at how all the pieces of an organization work together to be productive and successful. Four major aspects that balanced scorecards often measure are finances, customer satisfaction, business processes, and training goals.

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