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Business Formation

Your business relies on the authenticity and security of your legal documents. Ensure the strength of your business with appropriately written Business or Company Formation documents that will serve to cover maximum asset protection.

There are some articles and forms required while setting up a new business. Our experts have outlined all the necessary papers such as Assignment of Partnership Interest, Privacy Policy, Shareholder Agreement, etc. that are generally required for new businesses to file with their respective government authorities.

  1. ✓ Articles of Incorporation
  2. ✓ Amendment to LLC Operating Agreement
  3. ✓ Assignment of Partnership Interest
  4. ✓ Business Plan Template
  5. ✓ Business Purchase Agreement
  6. ✓ Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement
  7. ✓ Partnership Agreement
  8. ✓ Partnership Agreement Amendment
  9. ✓ Privacy Policy
  10. ✓ Shareholder Agreement
  11. ✓ Stock Certificate
  12. ✓ Terms of Use Agreement
  13. ✓ Trademark Assignment Agreement

Features of Our Templates

  • Business critical terms and conditions are verified for semantic exactness.
  • 14 major types of documents that are generally required for business formation are offered.
  • The templates are customizable, which means you can add or remove terms as per your specific needs.
  • Important parameters such as Company name, Statement of Purpose, etc. are highlighted for easy readability and proofreading.
  • Agreements covering several hindsight factors such as equipment leases, partner entities, binding agreements, etc. offer an increased level of lawful protection.
  • Documentation is up-to-date with the latest legal revisions and best practices for first-time filers.

Our templates will enable you to rightfully form the foundation of your company or business while making sure that nothing of legal importance is left out. These predesigned templates have been run through the eyes of a professional attorney, to offer you peace of mind while incorporating them in your legal proceedings.

Please note that due to legal terminologies, some people might not be able to fully understand the documents. In such cases, we recommend consulting an attorney before going ahead. This counts as the best practice for people who are not rehearsed with legal formalities.

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1. Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation describe the details of a new company which comes into legal existence to avail tax and state benefits. The documents contain all the necessary information about the company such as company name, registered address, purpose of business, etc.

The same documents are highly state-specific and go by several names like Articles of Association, Corporate Charter, Certificate of Incorporation, etc., varying from state to state and depends on the Secretary of State who files them.

In this document, you will get all the mandatory terms and agreements to facilitate the smooth incorporation of your new company. Articles of Incorporation are attorney-verified for the inclusion of critical provisions such as the director name, officer name, stock, limitation of director’s liability, and more. (Read More…)

2. Amendment to LLC Operating Agreement

An Amendment to LLC Operating Agreement is an official document used to make changes to the existing terms of business operation, stakeholders, profit sharing, etc. in a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating.

The document details the new parameters incorporated and modifications made to existing terms of operation. The document is used when a company’s owners want to update the operating terms, modify individual responsibilities or make certain changes necessary for the integrity of the business. However, it can only be invoked when the original operating agreement allows so in its statements.

You can easily make lawful amendments to your LLC using an Amendment to LLC Operating Agreement. It contains all the critical elements such as company and owners’ names, date of the original agreement, details of revised sections, and signatures. (Read More…)

3. Assignment of Partnership Interest

This is a legal document stating the transfer (reassignment) of interest in a company or organization from an existing partner to a new one. Here, the new business partner is called the assignee and the one from whom the rights are being transferred is called assignor.

You will need this document in cases when a new investor has appeared, or when the company is being sold to a new owner. The partial transfer of rights covered by an Assignment of Partnership Interest reassigns only material benefits and not the right to intervene in decisions regarding operations.

The document contains all the important elements such as partnership details, assignee and assignor names, closing date, and signatures. It is verified by professional attorneys for safeguarding your business integrity. (Read More…)

4. Business Plan Template

A Business Plan Template is a carefully drafted document containing a systematic framework that you can use to create an impressive business plan for your company. It lays down the key fundamental aspects that you need to cover to build a firm foundation.

You will get access to the essential elements of a business plan such as Company Financing, Market Analysis, Sales Strategy, Executive Summary, and Financials. A Business Template Plan is a reliable way to present your business plan in an important boardroom meeting. Simply download this ready-to-use business template and make additions to its data. It is available in various formats and can be easily modified. (Read More…)

5. Business Purchase Agreement

A Business Purchase Agreement, also known as Agreement to Sell Business and Small Business Purchase Agreement, is a legal validation document for a sale or purchase of a business. It factually describes the terms of agreements that govern this transfer of business from one party to another.

By signing this contract, you acknowledge the transaction that has taken place between you and the other party and promise to abide by the mutual agreements as stated in the document.

Protect your transaction with a Business Purchase Agreement, which contains attorney-verified legal statements and an authentic structure. You can add more details using any of your desired electronic formats and get a professional document in no time. (Read More…)

6. Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement

If you’re planning to form a Limited Liability Company, you will need a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement that will define the internal structure of the company. It will comprise business operation terms and profits and responsibilities shared by each partner in the company.

By creating this document, you create a lawful proof of the existence of your LLC which enables you to receive legal and tax benefits. The good thing about forming an LLC is that although you acquire the status of a company, you will be taxed by a proprietorship.

Our Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement template contains all the necessary elements such as voting, members, binding authority, ownership, and terms. You can easily download it in the format of your choice and fill-in your specific to draft the agreement. (Read More…)

7. Partnership Agreement

A Partnership Agreement, also known as Business Partnership Agreement, Articles of Partnership and 50/50 Partnership Agreement, is a legal document establishing a business partnership in a company where all the members have an equal share in loss and profit. Each partner has the same decision making power in the company.

This document refers to the General Partnership, which is based on an equal distribution of stakes in the company. If you are entering a partnership with someone, this will make things easier for you with pre-written general terms and conditions as well as the legal framework that you will need to sign the agreement.

A Partnership Agreement contains all the critical parameters such as Company Name, Partners, Purpose, Place of Business and more, verified by a qualified attorney. Download our template, add your specifics, revise the terms and you are good to go. (Read More…)

8. Partnership Agreement Amendment

A Partnership Agreement Amendment, also known as Partnership Addendum, Amendment to Partnership Contract, or General Partnership Amendment, is used to make amendments to the terms and conditions of a general business partnership agreement previously signed by the partners of a company. The partners often share equal responsibilities in the company.

The document contains all the necessary legal terms such as the details of Partner(s) and Agreement, Amended Sections, Partnership Name, etc.

By using our attorney-verified and lawfully correct template, you can ensure protect your business interest in the company. (Read More…)

9. Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is a set of statements which indicate how a company handles the private information shared by its clients. This includes documenting, storing, releasing and protecting their data.

Publishing a privacy policy is mandatory for websites to maintain proper legal decorum. The policy details the process by which a company manages the privacy of the user’s data and safeguards the company’s interests in lawsuits. It generally involves the use of terms like Company Name, Website URL, Type of Data collected and Disclosures.

Our template will help you draft a lawfully appropriate and accurate privacy policy that will help you protect your company’s interests. Simply download the template and add your specifics to make a solid privacy document of your own. (Read More…)

10. Shareholder Agreement

A Shareholder Agreement is a formal agreement that describes how all the shareholders of an organization are related to the organization. It is a well-described and structured document which is crucial for the smooth functioning of the organization.

It lays down the rules by which a shareholder assumes relevant rights to the company and how the interactions between the shareholders will take place. Therefore, it is important that this document does not contain any inappropriate text.

We have taken care to prepare this accurate and attorney-checked template, which will save you from the problems of organizational friction in the future. Our Shareholder Agreement contains all the mandatory parameters such as the Directors, Shareholders, Clauses, Dividends, Individual Responsibilities and more. (Read More…)

11. Stock Certificate

A Stock Certificate is the legal proof of ownership of shares or stocks purchased by a person in a company or an organization. In most cases, it requires signatures from the highest authorities of the organization such as the president.

The document is state-specific and may go by different names in different states. Some of their other names include Share Certificate, Notice of Shareholder Ownership, and Paper Stock Certificate.

The legal textual framework has been verified for authenticity by a qualified attorney. Critical parameters such as Name of Shareholder, Date Incorporated, Name of Corporation, etc. have been included to save your time. You can quickly create the document for yourself using our ready-to-use template containing the required legal details. The document is available for download and can be edited in the format of your preference.(Read More…)

12. Terms of Use Agreement

The document details the set of statements regarding the re-assignment as agreed upon by both parties. It must contain some crucial parameters such as the legal trademark itself, names of the parties involved, considerations and effective date.

The Trademark Assignment Agreement is used to reassign or transfer a trademark from its original owner to a new owner. Here, the trademark refers to phrases, words, or any artwork used to recognize the brand associated with it. In the document, the original owner is termed as the assignor and the new owner as assignee. (Read More…)

13. Trademark Assignment Agreement

A Terms of Use Agreement helps companies protect the integrity of their services by declaring the rules to their users. You can create your Agreement quickly by using our ready-to-use document template. The legal formalities and all the important statements have been incorporated into the template. Just insert your company specifics such as Company Name, Website, and your desired Use Terms.

The document is often published as a hyperlink in the footer of the website, or in a click-prompt box.  It is known under other names such as Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, and Disclaimer (which sometimes is declared separately).

A Terms of Use Agreement, or simply Terms of Use, is a set of statements that the user must abide by, to be able to use the product or service offered by a company. The statements are usually published on the company website and describe the parameters by which the company’s services should be used. 

If you are looking to make a trademark transfer, you can download our template, which offers attorney-verified mandatory statements. You can insert your information into the document and get it notarized. (Read More…)