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Bid Form

The Bid Form is a document used to outline the terms and conditions of bidding for a construction job/project. A bid form can be brought into use by either a construction job provider who has invited bids on a project or a bidder who wants to bid on a project.

The construction job provider can provide all the bidders a standard default Bid Form. If that is not the case, the bidder can fill out a Bid Form by themselves to make their bid stand out. The Bid Form might also be referred to as the Bid Proposal Form, the Construction Bid Form, or the Contractor Bid Proposal Form.

To make things convenient for you, we offer a Bid Form sub-template that can be used both by project owners and bidders. The legal text of the document is revised and updated.

The text in the document is modifiable to suit your requirements. The sub-template is available in various formats for downloading purposes. Please know that the legal textual framework in the document has been revised and verified by an attorney.

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