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Architect Contract

An Architect Contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties – the architect and the business or individual that hires the architect for his architectural services. This document comes into use when you hire an architect additionally. The contract is also known as the Architect Agreement and the Architect Client Contract.

The Architect Contract is a document brought into use under one of the two following conditions:

  • You are an individual or a business looking for architectural services.
  • You are an architectural service provider looking for a building project to work on.

We provide you a ready-to-use Architect Contract sub-template with all the basic parameters defined under the Description of Services. The text of the sub-template is absolutely customizable – you can add, remove, and modify text as you like.

Once downloaded and modified, all you have to do is print the document and use it. Please note that the legal text within the document has been verified by an acclaimed attorney.

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